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New flash Soon

2009-06-23 09:55:37 by sonidd1

Im just letting everyone know that Im coming out with a distance game, Simple Catapult.

I request to be soft when reviewing because its my first distance game.

Heres a great idea!

2009-05-26 21:38:18 by sonidd1

Reply to this in the most retarted way ever.


2009-04-09 14:56:03 by sonidd1


Leaking more info...

2009-02-18 21:52:26 by sonidd1

im making more flash as you can probably expect, but this time around, my flash has a bit of a twist.
A DBZ twist if you please.
If you don't like DBZ don't watch it when it is out.

I will post a screenshot at a later time, for now, just wait.

My Needed Moral of the Day:

"Look before you leap"

To me:

"Check before you save the flash"

Xbox Live!

2009-02-01 15:51:12 by sonidd1

Xbox Live Gamertag: sonidd1

Add me!

Online games i own:

Halo 3
Gears of War 2

Add me and we could play eachother!

Hello again! :D

Sonidd1 is here and is deciding to make a new flash (maybe even a series!)
I call the character below, "Jazon" and he has like...idk...kamehameha?

So yah, it will probably come out in a few months (you heard me, MONTHS)

~Sonidd1 (aka Sidestepper)

(PS: i will show you all more characters soon)

New character for series (or just a normal flash)

New years!!!

2009-01-02 11:02:22 by sonidd1

Happy F***ing New Years Everyone!!!

Sonidd1 here yelling happy New Year!!
(To like... everybody.)

So uhh.....Happy New year!


2008-12-12 21:28:35 by sonidd1

Yeah, I don't know exactly what to right....but uhh...
Merry Ghostm....Christmas!
I think I might make a christmas thing....probably Dress-a-Snowdude

| [Currently: Waiting for Blockhead 11] |

Its Out!

2008-11-14 17:01:13 by sonidd1

Dress-up Kaydo is complete!

Its Out!

New Flash!

2008-11-09 09:48:40 by sonidd1

Hi there!
I'm uhh.....making a new flash!
The name is Dress-Up Kaydo
Yes, Kaydo will be in the same series as Blobby.

New Flash!